SET - Therese Concannon & Martina Mitchell

Hello and welcome to the Special Educational Needs section of Cloontuskert NS. Mrs Concannon and Ms Mitchell are the current Special Education Teachers in our school.

The focus in SET is supporting children with Maths and Literacy difficulties and English as an Additional Language. Together with the support of the classroom teachers, we develop and deliver programmes based on the Continuum of Support framework.

This framework recognises that special educational needs occur along a continuum, ranging from mild to severe, and from transient to long term, and that students require different levels of support depending on their identified educational needs. Using this framework helps to ensure that interventions are incremental, moving from class-based interventions to more intensive and individualised support, and that they are informed by careful monitoring of progress.

We withdraw children in small groups and give 1:1 support where required. We integrate ICT into our teaching and use the most up to date iPads to ensure that the children are learning in a fun and interactive way.

See below some fun in the SEN room.


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