Junior Room - Ms. Feely - Junior & Senior Infants

Welcome to the Junior Room page. Ms. Feely teaches the Junior and Senior Infants classes. The emphasis in this room is on educating the children in a caring, happy, fun and secure environment. Aistéar (structured play) is used as a teaching method. Aistear is practiced every day based on a new theme each month.

There are huge benefits to this approach to learning

  • Children learn by being with others
  • They feel secure and confident
  • They take risks and explore
  • They take part in challenging experiences
  • They direct and co-direct their own learning
  • They feel like they are in control
  • They become involved in making choices and decisions
  • Challenge themselves
  • Their own interests and experiences are built on
  • Through play children build on and extend at school what they have learned at home, at their childminder’s and/or early years setting.
  • Play and first hand experiences are important for children’s well-being
  • Children develop to their best potential through play.
  • Children who are ready to move on can do so, as all children learn at their own rate, through play.

Below you will see pictures of some of the fantastic activities that are ongoing in our classroom.

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